Well, That Was Downright Embarrassing!

I can’t believe I’m sharing this embarrassing moment with you but it does bring glory to God so, yeah, I’ll share it. Last night at Superbook Academy (children’s outreach program at church), we had some visitors and three of them would be in my class. Whoo-hoo! I was excited.

We always start out with a group session with all the children together. I was sharing something with the group and told them that I was 66 years old (it went with the story, like okay?). One of the visiting girls exclaimed, “Sixty-six? I thought you were like 86 years old.” Waaaaaaaaaaah! Of course, my first thought was to go find a hole and crawl into it.

And then it actually went downhill from there. The three visitors were friends (two girls, one boy) and once they realized they were going to be in my class all three were noticeably disappointed. None of them were thrilled. On the way down the stairs to class, the same girl said, “Oh man! We got the old, ugly one.” Waaaaaaaaaaah! I was ready to throw in the towel thinking, “She’s right…I’m way too old [and evidently too ugly] to be doing this.” The odds of us having a good time weren’t great. It was obvious they didn’t want to be in my class and I certainly didn’t want to be there either since I was too busy licking my wounds.

But God…I’ve said it many times before and will say it again that “But God” is one of my favorite phrases…had other plans. We had a wonderful night laughing, playing games, laughing some more and getting into the Word of God. Arts and crafts were a HUGE mess but a HUGE success as well. I don’t get any of the credit because the last thing I wanted was to be in the same classroom with that little she-devil and her little imps. Despite all the negativity, God showed up in a remarkable way. By the end of the class all three of the visitors excitedly told me that they couldn’t wait to come back next week. I love how God took an ugly situation and turned it around into something beautiful. To God be the glory. God is Good. Always.

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