God Set Me Up, Again

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God did it again…He set me up royally. Once in a while, He reminds me that ever since I starting calling Him Lord, I freely relinquished my life’s control to Him. (He also likes to remind me He has a keen sense of humor.) Take last night for example.

Shortly before I left home for Superbook Academy (a children’s ministry at our church), I told God this was going to be the last year I’d teach. I reasoned that at my age it was getting harder for me to keep up with the 3rd & 4th graders.

One teacher couldn’t be at church due to her public school’s parent/teacher conferences. Since her kiddos have joined our class before, I was glad to have them do it again. We had a great time and everyone enjoyed themselves. Right before we dismissed, my regular students put stickers on their charts. (Once they earn 30 stickers, they receive a super cool toy or large candy bar from the “prize closet.”)

I need to put a disclaimer here. What I’m about to share doesn’t mean I’m a better teacher than Camille. I’m not and never will be. The key factor is the lure of prizes.

Several boys from Camille’s class wanted to add their names to the chart. I explained they couldn’t since they weren’t in my class. The boys begged to join our class. (Again, it had to do with prizes, not me.) I found out several of them would be in 3rd grade next year. In the middle of their protests, I promised them I’d be their teacher and we’d put their names on the chart then.

In that moment I heard the Lord say, “Gotcha!” I’m fairly sure He chuckled too. After promising the kids they’d have an opportunity to win prizes, I think I committed myself to another year of teaching.

Even though He got me good I’m not frustrated. I know if He’s called me, He’ll give me the zip my old bones will need to hang out with these incredible kids a little longer.

2 thoughts on “God Set Me Up, Again

  1. Me and the Lord are never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to let you retire from teaching. You are too valuable to the kingdom into the boys and girls and it is one of your best highest CollinsSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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