Brief Introduction

In 1970 I gave my heart to my Lord Jesus Christ.  Shortly after that I traveled with an evangelistic team, Early Church on Wheels, for several years.  Returning home to San Diego, I worked as a receptionist at a church in Chula Vista where I met my husband, Mike.  We were married in March, 1976.  We have two fantastic adult children.  Our son has blessed us with a fun and sweet granddaughter. Our daughter has blessed us with two energy-filled and funny grandchildren…another granddaughter and grandson. We now live in Omaha, NE where we attend Omaha Christian Center.  We are blessed to have our children and grandchildren living nearby.  Weekdays I help my daughter home school her children. Once I’m done teaching I work at our auto repair shop, Hofer’s Auto Repair, Inc.  I also babysit my other granddaughter a couple afternoons/nights per week as well.  Since my daughter works nights, her children spend several nights a week with Grandma and Paca.

I have taught children for the past 45 years in just about every capacity imaginable.  I’ve taught in the church school environment, home school, Sunday School, Children’s Church, outreach ministries, Wednesday programs…you name it and I’ve probably had my hands in it a time or two.  I love children.  I love their honesty.  I love their unconditional acceptance.  I love their hard questions.  I love their inquisitive minds.  I love how they love without strings attached.  I love their energy.  I love their sense of fairness.  I love children.

I like writing stories for them and stories about them.  Along the way, I pray that some of these stories will bless you and encourage you and impact your life just like these children have impacted my life.  They’re not perfect children and I’m certainly not a perfect mom, grandma, or teacher.  But we do enjoy hanging together and I’m a richer person because of the children the Lord has brought into my life.  I am truly blessed.

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